3 Signs Your Car Engine Transmission Needs Immediate Repair

3 Signs Your Transmission Needs Immediate Repair

Your car’s transmission is one of its most important components. Without it your engine cannot shift between gears and, therefore, cannot accelerate at all. Car transmission repair can be a tremendous hassle, but you can avoid the most devastating damage by watching for signs that your transmission is in bad shape.

Slow Response Time

If your car is having trouble accelerating or switching between gears, you definitely have a problem. The most basic function of your transmission is to switch between gears seamlessly, and if your car is lurching or delaying during acceleration, that means your transmission is compromised in some way. 

If your car does not immediately change gears when you switch from park to drive, this is also indicative of a bad transmission. Visit the expert mechanics at S&S Transmission for car transmission repairs as well as other car repair services.

Grinding Gears

If your engine makes a grinding or grating sound during acceleration or after you switch from park to drive, take your car in for complete auto repair service immediately. A grinding noise does not necessarily mean something is wrong with your transmission – especially if you drive a stick-shift car – but it is indicative of a problem somewhere in the engine.

Most likely the repair will be minor if you take your car in early enough, so it is critically important not to prolong the use of a vehicle which is suffering from grating or grinding in the engine.

A Burning Smell

A burning smell can mean any number of things for your engine, and none of them are good. Most often the smell is coming from overheated transmission fluid and can be fixed with one trip to an auto repair service shop.

It is extremely important to take your vehicle in when the engine is producing a burning smell. Not only can continued use of a car in that condition damage the engine, it could eventually present a danger to you and your passengers.