Car Engine Maintenance Tips for Hixson Residents

Car Engine Maintenance Tips for Hixson Residents

Your car’s engine is its life, and it needs frequent maintenance to ensure its health. Below are four simple, often overlooked maintenance practices that are sure to keep your engine running for years.

Monitor and Change Fluids

Oil and engine coolants, in particular, are extremely important for the health of your engine. Oil should be changed approximately every 5,000 miles, and coolant should be changed around every 30,000 miles.

Both are easy to monitor, though, so don’t wait thousands of miles to check them.

Replace Your Air Filter

Just like you, your car engine needs oxygen to function properly. An air filter with too much debris can cause your engine to burn outrageous amounts of fuel, and ultimately inhibit the mileage. The filter is located on the top of most engines, so it is relatively easy to monitor.

Don’t suffocate your engine! Check the filter regularly, and replace it whenever dirt and debris have compromised its function.

Mind the Check Engine Light

The check engine light does not necessarily mean something is seriously wrong with your engine (although sometimes it does). Generally speaking, the light is designed to keep something serious from happening to your engine.

Don’t ignore it! Take your car to an autobody shop in Hixson to have professional mechanics give it a proper diagnosis.

Drive Surefootedly

Your car’s engine performs best when it runs at a constant speed (this is why driving on a highway is more fuel-efficient than driving through the city), so treat it as such! Aggressive stopping and starting wear your engine down.

It can be difficult to avoid stop-and-start traffic, especially in a big city, so try to drive with a sure foot. Avoid aggressive revving and sudden stopping, and your engine will thank you in the long run.

Consult the Experts in Hixson

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