3 Common Signs Your Car Engine Needs Repair in Hixson

yellow car with engine open and engine light

It’s always less hassle to take your car in for repair before a problem becomes debilitating to your engine. The question is, how can you know when your engine has a problem that needs a quick repair? Here are three concrete ways you can tell – before your vehicle sputters to a stop – that your engine needs repair:

The Check Engine Light

It’s alarming how often drivers ignore their sensors and indicators. The reality is, your vehicle is designed to warn you about a problem before the problem is significant enough to permanently damage your vehicle. Don’t fall prey to the idea that just because your car is still running, the engine is fine. If the check engine light is on, take your car in to an engine repair shop to mitigate any lasting damage that may result from unaddressed problems.

Mechanics in Hixson can assist you with any auto repair services – large or small – that your vehicle may need.

Any Fluid Leaks

Especially in the case of oil leaks, a leaky engine can spell doom for your vehicle if it is not repaired quickly. Check the ground underneath your vehicle for any traces of pooling fluids, and take your car into an engine repair shop the moment you notice any stains or puddles. Increased or discolored exhaust can also indicate a leak within the engine or motor.

If caught early enough, leaks are an easy – and usually cheap – fix. Chattanooga mechanics can help you diagnose the scope and scale of car engine repair you may need.

Knocking Sounds or Shuddering

Knocking noises and rough idling are two huge indicators of an immediate need for car engine repair service. A knocking sound may indicate bad engine bearings which will dramatically impair an engine’s RPM. Rough idling may be the result of bad spark plugs, or something simpler, but in either case, your engine is communicating a pressing need for auto repair services.

Your vehicle is designed to warn you about a repair need in advance – pay attention to the warning signs! Chattanooga mechanics at S&S Auto Repair shop can help you determine the repair needs of your vehicle, and administer the appropriate engine repair service.